Council name  Bishop Henry P. Northrop 
Council city  Sumter 
Council mail address  140 Pinnacle Ct 
Council mail city ST ZIP  Sumter, SC 29154 
Council meeting line 1  2nd Thursday 
Council meeting line 2  7:00PM 
website address

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The following officers are for year of 2018 - 19
Grand Knight name  Christopher R. Hilditch 
Grand Knight address  2757 Powhatan Drive 
Grand Knight city  Sumter 
Grand Knight email 
Grand Knight home phone  803-869-4529 
Grand Knight other phone  803-316-6283 
Grand Knight fax   
Financial Secretary name  James A. Smith 
Financial Secretary address  140 Pinnacle Ct 
Financial Secretary city  Sumter, SC. 29154-6192 
Financial Secretary email 
Financial Secretary home phone   
Financial Secretary other phone  803-840-1121 
Financial Secretary fax