Council name  Holy Trinity Catholic Church 
Council city  Orangeburg 
Council mail address  2202 Riverbank Drive 
Council mail city ST ZIP  Orangeburg, SC. 29118-4044 
Council meeting line 1  4th Thursday 7:00 
Council meeting line 2   
website address

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The following officers are for year of 2018 - 19
Grand Knight name  Andrew Hudak 
Grand Knight address   
Grand Knight city   
Grand Knight email 
Grand Knight home phone   
Grand Knight other phone   
Grand Knight fax   
Financial Secretary name  Michael E. Bombard 
Financial Secretary address  1687 Park Street 
Financial Secretary city  Orangeburg, SC. 29115 
Financial Secretary email 
Financial Secretary home phone   
Financial Secretary other phone  803-536-1509 
Financial Secretary fax