Religiously Devoted, Patriotically Proud

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Letter from South Carolina District Master to Faithful Navigators
 of the South Carolina District.
  Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe for Peace
The Patriotic Degree
  Vision and Goals
  The Fourth Degree
  Emblem of the Patriotic Degree
Duties and Responsibilities
  Faithful Navigator
  Assembly Marshal
South Carolina District Fourth Degree Awards Program
  Former Master Arthur E. Anderson Sir Knight of the Year Award  (Manual Here)
  Monsignor John L. Manning Catholicity Award  >(Manual Here)
  District “To Be A Patriot” Award  (Manual Here)
  District Essay Award  (Manual Here)
  Assembly “Patriot” Award  (Manual Here)
  Top Patriot Assembly Award  (Manual Here)
  Catholic Legacy Award  (Manual Here)
Supreme Council Awards
  Supreme Council “To Be A Patriot” Award
  Supreme Council Civic Award
  STAR Assembly Award
South Carolina District Assembly Legacy Quotas
The Purpose of the Color Corps of the Patriotic Degree
Fourth Degree Assembly Activities
  Generic list of patriotic activities that all Assemblies can do
  Assembly “Patriot” Award Examples
  Noteworthy activities from Assemblies within the District of South Carolina
  The 2015-2016 “To Be A Patriot” Award winners
  Past “To Be A Patriot” Award Winners
  Patriotic activities found in the Columbia Magazine
  Activities from the Supreme Website
South Carolina District Legacy
  South Carolina District Assembly Charter History
  South Carolina District Master / Friar / Marshal History
  South Carolina District Exemplification History
  South Carolina District Assembly


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