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Featured Program

October 2017


Theme – Self-Giving Love
The form of marital and family love is given by God himself, who is love. The Christian family, the domestic church, has been entrusted with the irreplaceable vocation of being the first school of human and divine love.

From an article by Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori

Parents have, or should have, a unique relationship with their children. They have been called by God to love their child with the same faithful, self-giving love in which the child was conceived. … To be sure, the notion of “self-giving love” is not an idealistic or naive concept dreamed up by theologians. It is demanding and sacrificial. Self-giving love has its source in the Trinity and is revealed most fully by Jesus on the Cross. It requires what Pope Francis calls “an exodus from self” so that we might focus on the needs of others, even when that causes disruption in our lives.
… Most fundamentally, teaching children the “art of living” involves lessons of faith and character. Parents teach children their first prayers, bring them to Mass on Sunday, and help them develop a basic sense of right and wrong coupled with a sense of responsibility. They also teach gratitude and generosity by helping their children learn to take care of their possessions; to not always expect to have the latest and best of everything; and to grow in the habit of sharing what they have with others. Moreover, parents help their children learn to handle life’s inevitable disappointments, including the invidious comparisons that are part of the highly competitive and materialistic culture in which we live. Such lessons are best learned at home, in an atmosphere of respect and love. ...
Refer to Family Prayer Corner October 2017 for a Prayer to God, the Lawgiver - Psalm 119:1-3, 9-12, 33-38, and 105-108
As Pope Francis said, “Parents are called … not only to bring children into the world but also to bring them to God” (Lumen Fidei, 43).

* What do we learn from our family? Have we learned “the art of living”? If so, of what does this “art of living” consist?
* What is self-giving love?
* How have we learned about self-giving love from our family?

Family Project

An important part of love consists in doing things out of love for others, even things that we may find unpleasant. To encourage these little sacrifices, research and make sacrifice beads (also known as “good deed beads”), inspired by a practice that St. Therese of the Child Jesus used to do when she was a child. Sacrifice beads are essentially a way of helping the family look for opportunities to make little offerings of love to God through small acts of self-giving service.

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Family Prayer Corner

October 2017

A prayer to God, the Lawgiver

Blessed those whose way is blameless,
who walk by the law of the LORD.
Blessed those who keep his testimonies,
who seek him with all their heart.
They do no wrong;
they walk in his ways.
How can the young keep his way without fault?
Only by observing your words.
With all my heart I seek you;
do not let me stray from your commandments.
In my heart I treasure your promise,
that I may not sin against you.
Blessed are you, O LORD;
teach me your statutes.
LORD, teach me the way of your statutes;
I shall keep them with care.
Give me understanding to keep your law,
to observe it with all my heart.
Lead me in the path of your commandments,
for that is my delight.
Direct my heart toward your testimonies
and away from gain.
Avert my eyes from what is worthless;
by your way give me life.
For your servant, fulfill your promise
made to those who fear you.
Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light for my path.
I make a solemn vow
to observe your righteous judgments.
I am very much afflicted, LORD;
give me life in accord with your word.
Accept my freely offered praise;
LORD, teach me your judgments.

Psalm 119:1-3, 9-12, 33-38,105-108

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Monthly Planning Items

October 2017

Long Range Plan (November & December)

For many months now, we have been concentrating on personal and family prayer. We are taking a personal inventory of our habits and priorities in October. Beginning in November it is time to extend ourselves and our family to the Council and to the Parish at large. Advent is just around the corner. Plan an Advent event with your Grand Knight, Chaplain and your Pastor. Review the project, “Journey to the Inn” provided by Supreme’s Domestic Church website and consider it for one of your 4 Major Projects of the year which qualify your council for Star Council. It is important to note that time is needed to choose a date during Advent to host the event. Be sure this date is acceptable to your pastor. Order copies of the Journey to the Inn booklet once the date is set. These two steps are time critical, so just dive in and start planning. Here is the webpage that walks you through the entire planning phase. Steps

Gentlemen, it is certainly acceptable to modify the above format to best suit your community’s needs. Do not feel compelled to follow the outline exactly.

October Plan
We are going to continue with the monthly theme “Self-Giving Love”. Use the June guideline from the Supreme website. Here it is.


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Council Reflections

October 2017

 As Knights we are involved in many, many worthy Council projects for the good of our families, our community, and our Church. Individual involvement is quite varied because of family situations, personal attitudes, capabilities, and decisions to become active in the Council’s activities. The following personal assessment will help the building of your Domestic Church.

Priorities & Habits

When I attend my Council’s monthly meeting, do I generally have something to report?
When I attend Mass:
Do I arrive early enough to prepare my heart for the sacred grandeur that is about to be celebrated?
Am I interested in giving God all the praise and thanksgiving, or do I load up all my requests as the No. 1 objective of the morning?
Do I sing the songs as an act of praise to God or are they happy activities that make me feel good?
Are the scriptural readings stepping stones that prepare me for Father’s homily or are they familiar stories that we read each year?
Do I listen to the homily for important clues to amend my life in accordance with the scriptures and with God’s Will for me?
Do I tell God “thank you” as I reach for my donation envelope in my pocket?
Do I pay supreme attention and offer adoration during the Consecration?
Do I receive the Eucharist in the state of sanctifying grace?
Do I say goodbye to Jesus before departing after Mass ends?
Do I take time to socialize outside of church and meet new parishioners discovering what is happening in their lives?
Do I go to confession regularly, once a month? Do I attend weekday Mass when able?
What is my involvement in parish life:
Extraordinary minister. Usher. Teach CCD. Pastoral Council. Welcoming committee. Grounds Cleanup. Adult Ed. Bible study. Charismatic Prayer Meetings. Catholic School.
In my family life, are we engaged in prayer, communication, and activities?
Do we pray before meals at home AND in public? Do I pray privately several times a day? Do we pray as a family at a specified time? Do we talk about the readings and homily at Mass? Do we review what the children are learning at CCD or Catholic school? Do I monitor what the children are doing on their computers & smart phones or watching on TV? Do I set the highest of examples with my TV viewing? When controversial subjects are thrust upon the family, do we discuss it? Do we pray the rosary? When we attend parish activities, do we involve the children?
Brothers, the above questions are designed to help you survey your involvement in many of the areas of life. I am confident that you were able to answer affirmatively as you took stock of your Priorities and Habits. If you uncovered an area that is lacking the attention needed to become a better Knight….CIRCLE IT! Pull this survey out tonight before retiring and start praying about redirecting your habits. We are Building the Domestic Church, and you are it!
Holy Spirit, guide us tonight and tomorrow as we attempt to know and do Your Will in our lives. Amen


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