Knights of Columbus, South Carolina State Council

Grand Knights’ Organizational Meeting

St. John Neumann School Gym

721 Polo Road, Columbia, SC

July 28, 2018



“Lord, take me where You want me to go, Let me meet who You want me to meet,
tell me what You want me to say, and keep me out of Your way”.

Fr. Mychal Judge




8:30 AM

8:32 AM

8:35 AM

8:36 AM 

8:46 AM

 Meeting Called to Order – Ed Griffin, State Deputy

 Opening Prayer – Fr. Robert Higgins

 Pledge of Allegiance – Jeff Crouch, State Warden

Chaplin Report -- Fr. Robert Higgins

 Introduction of Officers, District Deputies, Past State Deputies, Program Directors and Guest Speakers   And Guests

General Meeting

8:50 AM
9:20 AM 

 9:35 AM
10:15 AM 

10:30 AM
11:15 AM

 11:30 AM 

11:55 PM

 12:00 PM

 Charity Requirements - Doug Renew – SC Office of the State Treasurer 

Legal Matters - Joe Raad, Esq.  Member of Council 6756 and Assy 2108 

         Green Haven Memorial Gardens – Heather Leigh

         How Insurance can help your family – Robert Boni, General Agent 

            Prayer before lunch – Fr. Higgins                                 

                                 Lunch (Provided by the State Council)

Programs, Raffle and Incentives

1:00 PM

1:20 PM

1:40 PM

1:45 PM

   2:00 PM

 2:05 PM

 2:10 PM

 2:15 PM

 2:25 PM

 2:35 PM

 2:45 PM

 3:00 PM 

RSVP – How we can help all Seminarians – Jim Weiskircher

Membership –last year’s results and this year’s goals – Ron Stanley

 Membership Incentives – Daniel Barton

On Line Membership – Mike Allen and Keith Kingren

Bowling Tournament (Coats for Kids) – Jeff Crouch

Pro Life- Bill Hooks, Prolife Chairman

Charity Raffle – Mike Radl


What’s New in Ceremonials – Mike Allen



Ceremonial Awards – Ron Povero and Mike Allen


 2019 State Convention – Daniel Barton


Faith in Action – Jim St. Clair 


   3:15 PM -- 3:30 PM   Final Remarks, Q&A and Closing – Ed Griffin, State Deputy

                                  Closing Prayer -- Fr. Higgins